Business Strategy | Data Governance  & Cybersecurity Policy

Our diverse team brings initiative, innovation, teamwork, and dedication to cybersecurity policy solutions.  

Today, organizations must balance a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape against the need to fulfill business requirements. To help organizations manage cybersecurity risk, James Curtis works with NIST SP-800-53 and the Cybersecurity Framework to mitigate threats and enhance your due diligence programming.

The primary stakeholders of the Cybersecurity Framework are U.S. private-sector owners and operators of critical infrastructure, but its user base has grown to include communities and organizations across the globe.

James Curtis provides strategy and cyber risk mitigation. With over 7 years of expertise with NIST RMF, NIST SP 800-53, and NIST SP 800-37, we know how to apply this expert policy to any IT system development or assessment project.

Our experience includes:

  • Analyzing and continuously monitoring Cybersecurity and privacy policies, programs, compliance artifacts, or standards to support government and industry security compliance, systems accreditation, and management.
  • Assist with documentation, validation, and accreditation processes necessary to ensure systems meet security and privacy requirements.
  • Consult on the risk present in applications, systems, or networks.