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An Airport Concession is a for-profit business located on the Airport’s premises that engages in the sale of consumer goods or services to the public at the Airport.   

ACDBE participation in airport concession programs is usually accomplished through direct leases, subleases, and joint ventures.  ACDBE participation can also be accomplished through procurement and/or leasing of goods and contracting for services that concessionaires use in their operations and in management contracts and subcontracts.  Title 49 CFR Part 23

Activities that qualify as an Airport Concession if conducted on Airport premises:

  • Food and beverage services (casual dining restaurants, quick-serve, bars, specialty coffee)
  • Specialty retail (jewelry, leather goods, personal care products, luggage, gadgets, travel accessories, sports apparel, shoes cosmetics, regional arts and crafts, clothing, toys, candy/chocolates, etc.)
  • Duty Free (high-end luxury goods)

Other businesses activities that qualify as an airport concessions:

  • Contract/Subcontract management – at the Airport,
  • Web based or other electronic businesses –  in a terminal or otherwise accessible to passengers at the terminal,
  •  Advertising displays or messages to the public on the Airport, or
  • Distribution of goods and services to airport concessionaires.

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